The Ad-Hoc Learning Programs at Karmarati

Aside from the intensive programs that encourage more inner journey and discovery, Thelma teaches ad-hoc learning programs at Karmarati (Thelma also teaches outside of her studio and works in co-operation with other teachers/trainers). The ad-hoc programs at Karmarati are usually conducted within 2-4 hours and are usually comprised of applicable and supportive theory, physical movements, selective emotional and tension release techniques, meditation, intuitive practices, and reflective discussions. All the chosen themes are intended to be practical and useful in daily life. Glancing from discussions held when the Karmarati community gathers, Thelma learns valuable knowledge on the current challenges facing yoga and the field of wellness in their daily application. Class settings are usually intimate, dynamic, and friendly, with discussions potentially stimulating the curious and inquiring minds!

Chakra Labs are experimental programs that awaken the Seven Chakras (the seven major energy vortices in our system) through movement, sound, and visual activities. The main objective is to awaken the energy centers and further use them to facilitate change and transformation.

Awakening Women Series Workshops are workshops only for women with their main objective to empower healing and transformation possibilities. The themes discussed in each workshop are based on daily challenges. The technique used to overcome and manage issues are adopted from contemporary psychology and from the psycho-energy methodology of the chakras. Previous workshops include:

  • Every Mother is a Daughter

  • Super Power, yet Super Demon - Anger

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Intuitive Connection: Your Tarot Deck

  • Karmarati’s Loving Afternoon

Intuitive Practice Series are specifically intended to practice releasing tension (both physical and emotional) in order for self-healing to emerge and happen. The programs are usually conducted in a series but with the possibility of drop-in. Previous programs include:

  • Emotional Release

  • A Breeze for the Heart

  • The Empress in Me

  • Drama Detox