A Note on Connection

From Karmarati Fool's Journey no.3: June 29, 2016 at Harajuku Station, Japan.

In general, we humans are suvivors. We survived our lives so far. Partly because we are connected. The connection we keep makes us go on: downhill, uphill, or go around in circle.

The question is: does it bring us to a place we want to go? (Do we know where we are going?)

We may keep a shining connection with beings that enlighten us. We could stay in a rotten connection within abusive relationship. Or, we could remain in a reluctant and stale connection.

Much like the trains that connected with one another, they take us to our destination. If we don't like the passengers around us, if we are bothered with their smells and the crying children...that would be mainly our problem. Get off the train, or make peace with it until you reach there. No use to grump over small things and display a cold stare to one another. We are all survivors trying to make our ways.

Maybe we can connect in tolerance.

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