From Karmarati Fool’s Journey no. 27

I’ve mistakenly seen alone as loneliness in the past. But actually, one can feel completely lonely in a crowd; while the other enjoys being alone with own’s company. Turns out in yoga, all practices must be faced and experienced alone. It is that solitude - that can take us deep. Being loud and hyper-engaged might not get us through to that deeper layers. One may still end up feeling lonely and suffers. It is said that when we don’t like to be with our own company, actually no one will. I agree. I profoundly enjoy my peace and solitude in my own quiet self, I feel it is inspiring. At times, I’d like being social only to return to my solitary process. So I’d know, I am my own best-best-best friend.... Isn’t it important, to be our own best friends? This is my yoga, what about yours?

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