From Karmarati Fool's Journey no.5: June 30, 2016 at Tokyo Disneyland, Japan.

Why so rigid in yoga, in beliefs and in life? It's great to have a strong principle - but isn't it too strong if we don't let 'different' people in? Not just different in lifestyle and opinions, but also in standards and convictions. W

e don't want to forgive those who mistreated us - all in the name of principle. In our eyes, once a person make a mistake, he/she is doomed forever. But are they? Or is it us that are doomed with our own fanatic conviction about the right vs the wrong? Did we realize that we chose to be stagnant, unhappy and stiff?

Shall we put all the principles' issues aside and embrace the little children in us? Let's be playful, not so rigidly serious, but keep it curious.

Kids like to be 'ridiculous' and that's why they get along pretty quickly in playing with the other/different kids. We are the one who labeled it 'ridiculous' because we thought we have something better to say (=being serious). Children navigate their ways based on their hunches and they trust them. They unlikely have doubts about these hunches, although they can't explain why. Intuitions.

We often forget that yoga is OUR own personal practice. And so does life. We'll take ourselves (and others) easy now. Maybe we'd get to see a renewed growth in intuition and natural hunches...

Yes. This is what my yoga means to me.

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