The Power of The Earth

From Karmarati Fool's Journey no.6: July 1, 2016 at Kapole, Hawaii.

You took me for what I was.

You took everything I gave you: my steps, my stomps, my dance, my cries, my laughters, my shadow, my plans.

I scratched you, scraped you, dried you, flooded you, I made holes in your body.

You stood still, under my feet.

You carried so much on y

our ground to support me.

For what I thought of success was to build high upon your shoulders.

But once I've gotten too high with arrogance, you pulled me down to gravity.

And no one can resist y

our call.

All towers stumbled upon your shake.

You let them all returned to your surface.

I saw you kept so much to yourself.

Your rivers, your mountains, your trees.

Naturally, you fed me with all that.

But what have I done to you?

For those billions of 'me' scraping on you with mad obsessions. T

hose billions of 'me' dumping poisons on your field.

I am ashamed.

And look what you still give me unconditionally.

This priceless ground to step, to stomp

, to dance, to cry, to laugh, to love and to grow.

The cycle repeats again.

And for billions of years, you've survived. With or without me.

I dedicate this note to my Muladhara Chakra and Mother Earth.

As they say it here in Hawaii: "Mahalo nui loa". Thank you very much.

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