War and Peace. Victory and Surrender

From Karmarati Fool's Journey no.11: July 4, 2016 at USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii.

Aloha, Kakahi aka (hello, good morning).

Our life stories include wars, losses and redemptions. Humans have been followed by wars and conquests; ambitions and greed - as old as the civilization itself.

Today, I have the honor to meet one of the Pearl Harbour survivors, Uncle Everett. Visited the memorial sites at Pearl Harbour, entered the museum and watched the devastating attack on Pearl Harbour.

'Mourn the dead. Remember the battle. Understand the story.'

USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbour remembers over 2,400 Americans died and thousands were wounded during the Japanese surprised attack on Pearls Harbor, Sunday morning, December 7th, 1941. Five battleships were amongst the 18 ships that were attacked.

The Japanese had very meticulously plan the attack and the Americans were not ready at all. (The event eventually led to US involvement the WWII.)

USS Arizona was one of the battleships that was sunk and burn with over 1,100 sailors and marines trapped inside her. It became their tomb, their final resting place. And after 65 year passed by, the oil is still leaking from the remain of the ship - known as the "Black Tears" or "the tears of the Arizona".

I am not American, but stories of survivors are always inspiring. Reminds me of the adversity that humans are facing, anywhere.

History brought people together.

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