We Are The Same Under The Sun

From Karmarati Fool's Journey no.12: July 4, 2016 at Kapolei, Hawaii.

The Sun has been here billions of counts of time. There is a saying 'there is nothing new under the sun'. For it has seen malice, wisdom, mistreatment and extinction. It has been around within countless of lifetimes. Who could challenge the Sun? For its power extends to the whole galaxy.

The Sun just does what it does best: be the source of heat. To the rich, to the poor, the wrongs, the rights, the forgivens, the forgottens. It does not choose with preference.

We too can choose to shine like the Sun, no exception. Shine to those who like us, hate us, who don't care about us, who care too much about us. Choose to shine.

Some moments, there'll be cloud around us, or rainy tears, and blazing thunder of anger. Amidst the gloom, shine. Not for the others, but for ourselves.

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