Upcoming Programs

As the opportunity presents itself, I am grateful to announce that Karmarati now has a temporary place ready before the new building is completed in Ubud. So we can reopen earlier than planned! The offerings available now are Reading, Learning, and Consultation in Nyuh Kuning, Ubud. Please see In Ubud for more information.

A few notes and suggestions for students:


  1. If you are an on-going student and require a specific guidance/mentoring, I will be available to do a long distance session via Skype or Facetime. Please go to Reading or Mentoring page to find more info about booking an appointment and about the format of the sessions.

  2. If you belong to an Oracle Project Group and wish to continue your practice and mentoring session, please click here to book your session. Please be notified that all members in the same group need to agree to and attend this session. You would need to gather in the same place as I can only utilize a single line connection (not a video conference call).

  3. If you are interested to hire me for any class/workshop of yoga, chakra and transformational subjects, please click here to discuss. Obviously, the schedule will be subject to my availability, be it in Bali or Jakarta. The sessions will be held at your premises and will be attended by your community members.

  4. If you are a new client and an enthusiast of oracle, tarot and crystal readings, please go to Reading or Mentoring page to access more information.


I am looking forward to assisting you in Ubud, or via Skype. Thank you for your continuous support.


Deep gratitude,


Ubud & Jakarta
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For more info about the programs click here