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The Story

Thelma’s journey started with her enthusiasm of publishing a home-based yoga newsletter called YogaCircle in 2004 and 2005. Thereafter, yoga classes in Jakarta were organized under the “Bloom and Shine” banner which focused in teaching yoga to children and teens. Only later, as interest grew and more requests came especially from female yogis, was Karmarati born to cater to a wider group of practitioners.


Karmarati is an independent enterprise which operates based on Thelma’s aspirations. 

With her passion and mission, Thelma wishes to present yoga as a potent tool to reconnect with oneself and each other, and to create a caring community.


Karmarati expands its services within yoga and the chakra tradition through yoga classes and therapy sessions, workshops, and intensive programs of yoga, meditation, pranayama (breath control), mudra (hand gestures), and the chakra self-healing system (psychology, bioenergy work and intuitive training). Some of the more recent complementary techniques acquired to support self-healing processes are crystal reading, crystal healing, and Akashic reading.


The unique tag of Yoga For All People in the original logo means that Karmarati's mission is to deliver the yoga tradition and its holistic benefits to everyone, not limited to only those who join its classes. Taking the philosophy of "pay it forward," Karmarati attempts to help and assist the wider community in any way possible via its initiatives. The actions may be made in small gestures but are always done with joy. [Bhakti Karmarati]


Thelma initiated Heart Workers which is a group of females that are trained to provide support to facilitate self-healing through mudra meditation. Heart Workers has beautifully fitted-in in many of Karmarati’s community programs.

Online Community

Due to pandemic situation when offline gathering and activities are highly limited and monitored, the community then paved its journey into an online forum. Utilizing technology advances, such as Facebook groups and Zoom interface, new ways of connection began in an organic manner.

Started by building a long-distance workshop through Facebook groups, Karmarati community found its expanding  environment, able to not only reach and facilitate wider region in the country, but also contributing an immense growth for its community members.

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