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We practice guided meditation to improve our awareness to our body sensations, mind activities, and to witnessing by be-ing. When a practice is accessible and simple, it is more likely for it to sustain and be integrated into our daily lives. Experiencing body sensations in each moment is the foundation of embodiment and awareness that leads to wholeness. Witnessing the mind without getting carried away invites clarity.

“…if you move the story into the background and focus on the sensations in your body, you move from “out there” to “in here”. You come back to “your own place” in the present moment and begin the healing process."

- Anodea Judith

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”

- Swami Muktananda

“This witness is essentially neutral. It exists beyond all your value judgments of likes and dislikes, good and bad, right and wrong.”

- Anodea Judith


Guided Meditation Practice

These audio recording files are excerpts from Karmarati’s online programs in the past. They are mainly in Bahasa Indonesia.

Program: Embrace

Practice of Being Present

Practicing open awareness of the body as a highly important instrument in the embodiment process. This practice allows experiencing and stimulating subtle sensations in the hands as part of our energy channels. Furthermore, it allows the energy flow to the entire body and let it invite wholeness.

00:00 / 08:33

Program: Intuition Lab

Practice of Focus and Letting Go

Practicing focus in the mind and in the visual senses, and thus letting go of that focus. Embracing the total sense of be-ing as we ride with the breath. This is particularly suggested for the busy and over-thinking mind. It allows the mind to let go and rest with less resistance.

00:00 / 03:29

Program: Visualize From Love

Blanket of Communication

This is an awareness practice of our communicating nature. A visualization of how we communicate to the world around us, how we present ourselves, and how we carry our “burdens.” This practice is intended to invite insights by experiencing visualization.

00:00 / 09:29
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