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In Karmarati, we use these three pillars as a foundational conduct of all classes, sessions and healing journeys. 

Every individual is distinct (unique) that carries its own configuration of belief system, impact of past experiences and traumas, personal needs, perceptions, body-mind awareness and choices of spiritual exploration. All that leads to our current situation and condition. The way we express ourselves, we shrink and expand our bodies, we hold our pains, we release energy, we experience pleasure, we organize emotions - they are influenced by our past experiences. 


How we organize these experiences is embodied into patterns that we sustain in our lives. Some are constructive and supportive during challenging times, but some are obsolete and create stagnation. To overcome stagnation, we need to experience the “rhythm” in the state of contraction and expansion. 

Rhythm here associates with the core of living, namely pulsation. While stagnation is a state of not flowing or moving/lacking growth and development, pulsing regenerates energy and recreates vitality. When we were overwhelmed with stimulation, our bodies responded to the experience through fighting, flighting, or freezing and manifested as different energetic patterns in our physical, mental-emotional states. 


Through the modification in the pulsation of our bodies we open up a new opportunity to embody new states of body-mind-emotion integration. And it becomes possible to transform the body-mind relationship and to allow a sense of evolution in mental-emotional processes. 

We refer this specific works on the embodiment of our past emotions and mental process as “Shadow” work. It is vital to maintain a grounded intention to begin this process. Certainly, the whole modification process itself requires effort of genuine practice and mindfulness. 

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Moving & Evolving
Body Awareness Lab
Transformation Lab

Personal Growth
Group Facilitation

What are the main approaches in assisting clients and students to awaken their energy and create evolution?
  • Moving & Evolving: yoga, energy movement, chakra work, thematic dance, embodying emotions work, etc.

  • Energy Unlocking: hands-on personal treatment session of single or combination energetic treatment.

  • Exploring Esoteric: using tools of intuition such as crystal and cards.

  • Facilitating Transformation through Values: Self    .

  • Mentoring: Individual, In Pairs, or Group.


Purple Flower


I have the power to choose so I am responsible for my own actions.



It changed me to be brave in making decisions and follow my intuitions more from my body wisdom.



Membantu saya untuk memahami reaksi pada tubuh dan emosi yang muncul, sehingga saya mampu memahami arti pesan yang diberi olehnya.



Saya belajar hal paling penting yang harus saya pelajari: gentleness.

Plant Blossom

M (not her real name)

Mengenal dan mengikuti program dari Karmarati selama ini seperti mempersiapkan aku agar lebih kuat dan percaya diri dalam menghadapi segala permasalahan hidup yang berlangsung.

Everything happens for a reason and come to you at the right moment.

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