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Moving & Evolving

Here is my invitation to you…

This is the heart of all my work at Karmarati. I have been deeply passionate about getting connected and being familiar with the charge (life force, prana, chi) in the body. We all carry psychological complexes that — as defined by my teacher Anodea Judith — “is made from a fusion of past experiences, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.”


Our life force energy is running together with these complex components and holds them together. I am inspired to learn, practice, and apply the methods that support our journey to wholeness such as yoga, energy movement, chakra work, thematic dance, and work on embodying emotions. This involves discussing them, understanding them, exploring them, and sometimes experimenting on them with personal practice.

I hope you enjoyed these illustrations and that you are inspired to begin your journey!

- Thelma

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Embodying Emotions

We discuss about emotions, body sensations, belief systems, past experiences and behaviors in classes and workshops. I believe in the importance of re-training ourselves in new ways to approach wholeness from time to time. 

These videos are extracted from the Grief and Anger Talk (November 2020) in Bahasa Indonesia. 

“When we block or suppress an emotion, we simultaneously block its charge, and this diminishes our life force and creates issues in the body, such as pain or disease.”

Anodea Judith

Chakra Work & Energy Movement

“The practice is in the awareness.”
- Julie Martin

Releasing Practice

To release excessive charge, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety in the body. Discharging through hands and feet.

Bottom-Up Flow

To explore pulsing on the base (feet, legs and hips) to create a natural flow from the bottom climbing to the upper parts of the body.

Bottom to Core Dynamic

To practice endurance on the core and lower body. Pulsing and shifting in potent support for the entire body.

Core to Chest Dynamic

To practice openness and endurance as the charge around core and chest builds up its connection. A dynamic pulse between themselves.


Thematic Dance

“How we live our bodies is the story of our process.”
- Stanley Keleman (1931 - 2018)
“We engage genuinely in the moment-to-moment unfolding of our movements.”
- Arawana Hayashi

The term “dance” used here categorizes as a series of movements ranging from minimum structure to a thoroughly guided one. These processes facilitate the body to genuinely tell its own story of how it charges and discharges energy. The practices are conducted in classes or workshops, and are also very effective in personalized one-on-one sessions.

From Stuck to New

Illustrated here: defensiveness. A process of organizing and disorganizing body armor as a result of a defensive mind. An observation of moment-to-moment shift.

Let the Body Speak

Exploring body-mind integration through motion and pauses in a guided framework. Allowing a visible expression of our being.

Dharana Emotional Release

Delving on body expression of a particular emotion in the dynamic exchange of contraction-expansion.

Chakra Expression

Illustrated here: an energetic playful motion of legs and feet in activation of Muladhara Chakra (First Chakra) on the lower body area.

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