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Healing yourself is a courageous act.  It has an essential motive of wanting to move away from being a victim to empower your wellbeing possibilities.  In a healing journey, some physical and mental problems may or may not require intensive external care and support.  Yet, all processes require strong willpower to change.


Regardless of the support system available, a healing process needs to begin with yourself.  It requires an intention, a motivation, and a consistency to follow through on the process.  There are always challenges as you attempt to modify old habits of behavior and lifestyle.  In the end, there is no shortcut to the journey, but all becomes worthwhile.


“I am here simply to be a friend on your healing journey.  We will always begin with a simple awareness and a little bit of work. That work may involve physical activities, basic energy-psychological assessment, simple release practices, or healing with traditional methods of the Chakra System and crystal healing techniques.  All work will be systematic and integrated into your daily routine.  All techniques will make sense in their application.  You may take a further step to explore deeper learning and deeper practice for their expansive benefits when growth always becomes delightful to witness.  I have seen that some students and clients even set out to help others as they become inspired by their own healing processes. The beauty in this is that you will not become somebody else; instead, you will reach a better understanding of yourself and consequently you may like (love!) yourself better.  Self-acceptance plays an important role in healing and transformation.  I believe that it is essential to begin with gentleness and compassion toward yourself.  You may later develop the necessary skills and structures to transform yourself into a being of health and balance.  So let’s begin with one little step every day!” – Thelma.


All healing sessions are held individually as private appointments.  Please contact here for further details.


Thelma also recommends her clients to participate in self-empowering classes and healing trainings that can be attended regularly.  This way, students and clients can meet and delight in the intimate and loving Karmarati community.  To see a healing training schedule, please contact Thelma or see recent flyers around the web.

At the Karmarati studio, Thelma offers the following healing services:

  • Chakra consultation and coaching

  • Chakra cyrstal reading, clearing, and balancing

  • Intuitive practices

  • Emotional release practices

  • Chakra mudra meditation

  • Akashic reading sessions

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