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A note from Thelma about Learning

“I have been blessed by my encounters with teachers, friends, clients, and students who have crossed paths with me. The experience taught me a great deal of the importance of self-discovery and empowerment of self-growth in all aspects of life. Self-discovery may include a deeply painful process to some degree, especially when our past was colored by traumatic events. However, the technique I learned and composed in my facilitation role has provided me and a few others with a unique insight toward transformation. Each step of realization brings inspiration to continuously share with you the applicable transformative ways of combining Eastern philosophy, modern psychology, and the richness of natural elements. I believe that everyone deserves a shining life, and most of the time we don’t need to look far for it.”

The Intensive Programs at Karmarati

The intensive programs at Karmarati are Chakra Energy Work, Chakra Psychology, Chakra Healing Energy Activation (CHEA), Co-Creating Workshop, Chakra Energy Trainer Course, and Spirit Dancing Laboratory. Every program complements each other to support the student’s expansive experience.

Chakra Energy Work is a 15-hour program (6 classes) that includes chakra yoga poses, chakra bio-energetic practices, chakra elemental trance, and theories about tcuihe chakra system and its energy. This program is physically active and is rich with physical exploration and movement. The chakra system is experienced in its subtle energetic field during all classes. This program complements the understanding developed in the Chakra Psychology program.


Chakra Psychology is a 16-hour program (4 classes) that contains the basic connection of the Chakra System (from its Eastern background) with contemporary psychology for day-to-day living. The knowledge uniquely integrates physical and mental-emotional aspects. In every class, theory, self-assessment, and small group discussions will open up new perspectives in self-discovery and self-healing.


Chakra Healing Energy Activation is a 15-hour program (6 classes) of learning primal movement and basic psychological defense mechanisms. There are many eye-and-mind opening experiences in each program batch. The group partner work is exciting and fun, even when the subject matter is serious and meaningful. Here, the awakening of authenticity is encouraged by exposing students to openness of thoughts and emotions.


Co-Creating Workshop is an 8-hour program (2 classes) that practices awareness of your life’s purpose with awareness of the internal conflicts (doubts, crosscurrents and conflicting intentions) that hold you back from reaching your dream.


Chakra Energy Trainer Course is a full-year training course for chakra trainers or wellness practitioners who are interested in applying the expansive knowledge of the chakra system to their field of work. This training is an intensive program which includes specific practices and assignments, coaching and projects, and includes a final assignment at the end of each module.

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