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Mentoring is a personalized guidance in managing your professional and personal needs.  In the professional sphere, mentoring assists you in designing your work objective, navigating professional conduct (including work ethics), and developing marketing and communication skills. In the personal sphere, it assists you in defining your personal purpose, establishing healthy boundaries, and integrating reward. The entire process is geared towards allowing your personality to shine through your work and your personal transformation. However, as we often stumble upon external and internal challenges, we sometimes cannot see a priority straight, let alone living our highest potential. Please note that although some of the work may include mental-emotional-energetical integration which might include a journey deep within, mentoring maintains its focus on your professional and personal progress. We will not be addressing so much on the venting of emotional turmoils or allowing ranting of personal complaints; rather, I will be steering you back to focus on exercising the alternatives to improve your work.

There are two types of mentoring that you can select:


  1. Individual Mentoring where the focus is YOU, and that includes the crosscurrents you experienced and to help steer your actions with clarity.

  2. Group Mentoring when the focus is YOU and YOUR RELATIONAL PARTNER(S), limited to a maximum of 3 people. There will be an extensive discussion to define mutual/collective objectives. I will assess the basic aspects with the group and review the beneficial objectives of Group Mentoring via correspondence prior to start of mentoring. 

Q: What will I get in an Individual Mentoring?

A: Within 12 weeks, you will receive 4 video/audio Skype calls of 60 minutes each and 4 elaborated emails of discussion-evaluation of your individual work plan. The calls and email evaluations can be conducted alternately every other week, or in any way we decide best for your process. Obviously, there will be “deadlines” for you to meet and we will use the energetic momentum to fire up your passion at work!



Q: What are the scope of work/professions/jobs that can use this service?


A: As this is a personalized mentoring system, this will be focusing on YOU. If you have a profession, be that a full-time or a part-time position that you wish to engage more intensely, this mentoring system may boost your energy. It will support you to manage your priorities. In my experience of providing coaching sessions to clients, I have been asked many times about “which one should should I do first?” It happens when people have difficulties assessing consequences because they are too caught up in the process all along. You will learn some techniques to “entangle” intense disarrays and clear your vision. Your exercise/practices in mentoring will reconnect you with your deepest passion as your source of endurance and creativity.


Professions which provide services (including teaching, healing, cooking, designing, making artistic items, providing nurture and support) may particularly be a suitable match for this mentoring program. I will inform you openly if your scope of work is not within my knowledge and specialty.



Q: How to begin? What is the fee?

A: Contact me via for a short discussion and I will provide you with a list of categories that you will need to select as your framework.

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