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Thelma has experience practicing yoga for health, motion, exploration, and recovery. For her, yoga needs to be experienced deeply and ingrained in every moment, not just merely in the form of postural challenges, strength, and endurance. Essentially everyone needs to feel safe in his or her body, and only then would he or she feel the space to explore and enjoy. In the Brahmani Yoga style founded by Julie Martin, Thelma finds her love of yoga and allows her to take her awareness to another level. The style incorporates a full range of motions as it creates possibilities and spaces. This style suits those who prefer unconventional yoga movements and those who have experienced enough injuries in yoga. Ever since Thelma graduated from Brahmani’s Level 2 Teacher Training in India in 2015, she has taken Karmarati to mainly provide yoga in the Brahmani style. Please contact us here for schedule and class details.


Having been inspired by her teachers in dances that can project mindfulness, transcend healing and deep concentration, Thelma offers dancing programs at Karmarati. The programs are not structural dance classes per se; instead, they are more investigative and exploratory in nature. Sound and music are important elements to induce transformative movement. Dancing induces and heightens sensitivity of all sensory organs, and allows the mind to stay intensely focused with the body in the present moment.


Previous dance programs include:

  • The Shakti Dance Series

  • Chakra Dance

  • Dharana Dance Series

  • Spirit Dancing Laboratory

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