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Karmarati Oracle Projects

This concept involves the projects where Thelma “The Oracle” assists you in becoming an “Oracle” for yourself. The projects are facilitated in workshops of small private groups consisting of a maximum of 3 participants. In each private workshop, participants will receive training to increase the connection within and will learn to discover their intuitive channels. Basically, the workshop will encourage you to confidently practice and listen to your inner guidance, and to separate your profound intuition from conflicting thoughts.


Thelma will gladly share with you more information when you connect with her by email:

More About Karmarati Oracle Projects

The Project Categories and what they are all about:

  1. Oracle and Clear Space is about learning and practicing how to use crystals and crystal grids to clear your path and your environment from seen or unseen obstacles. Practicing clearing space will inspire a practice of self-clearing (mind, body and energy).

  2. Oracle and Ajna Clearing is about training your mind focus; working on cast the illusions away; and harmonizing intuition with daily routines - through visual images. Clearing your third eye (Ajna) requires diligent home practice and consistency.

  3. Oracle and Second Sea is about practicing how to manage your reactions, judgments, moods and emotions in a way that smoothen your inner connection (and conversation) with yourself and external social connection. Managing the sea of your emotions will require you to practice some steady habits in communication.

Karmarati Oracle Projects dalam Bahasa Indonesia
  1. Oracle and Clear Space Project adalah workshop 90 menit atau kelipatannya yang diikuti oleh 1, 2 atau 3 orang (maksimal). Workshop ini bertujuan membahas masalah spesifik dari para peserta yang berkaitan dengan clearing energy and clearing space. Misalnya, merasa sulit konsentrasi jika berada di lingkungan tertentu (bahkan di rumah sendiri); masalah tidak jernihnya komunikasi antara orang-orang dalam lingkungan tertentu; masalah rumah/lingkungan yang bervibrasi tak nyaman; masalah diri sendiri yang sulit membuang kebiasaan-kebiasaan lama, dan berbagai masalah lainnya. Proses dan latihan clearing menggunakan batu kristal yang merupakan mineral bumi yang memiliki berbagai karakteristik akibat proses pembentukannya. Selain itu ada berbagai metode clearing lainnya yang bisa diterapkan. Karena luasnya pengetahuan dan metode mengenai clearing ini, maka Thelma akan memusatkan bahasan pada masalah yang khusus dihadapi oleh para peserta saja. Ini diharapkan menjadi solusi masalah yang dapat diterapkan dalam keseharian peserta. 

  2. Oracle and Ajna Clearing Project adalah workshop 90 menit atau kelipatannya yang diikuti oleh 1, 2 atau 3 orang (maksimal). Workshop ini bertujuan untuk melatih fokus pikiran, membedakan ilusi dan kejernihan pandangan/pemikiran melalui latihan visual (melibatkan berbagai gambar atau karti Tarot dan Oracle). Metode latihannya sangat intuitif namun aplikatif dalam kehidupan sehari-hari serta meningkatkan awareness terhadap berbagai pertanda yang bisa membantu pengambilan keputusan. Ajna atau mata ketiga (kelenjar pituitary) adalah pusat pengelolaan visi, sinar, penggambaran pola-pola dan intuisi. JIka tidak diolah dengan baik dan konsisten, aktivitasnya bisa menciptakan kebingungan dan delusi atau ilusi. 

  3. Oracle and Second Sea Project adalah workshop 90 menit atau kelipatannya yang diikuti oleh 1, 2 atau 3 orang (maksimal). Workshop ini bertujuan melatih pengelolaan emosi yang didasari oleh judgment, tekanan dari luar yang menciptakan pola emosi berulang. Emosi-emosi yang sulit diatasi (yang biasanya sulit dimengerti oleh diri sendiri) menciptakan tekanan masif di dalam yang melahirkan rasa penyesalan kronis, kemarahan yang eksplosif, depresi, menyalahkan diri sendiri, pengingkaran, resistensi berlebihan, komunikasi yang tertahan atau berlebihan (baik keluar maupun ke dalam) atau melipatgandakan ketakutan dan kecemasan. Latihan workshop kategori ini melibatkan gerakan tubuh dan eksplorasi somatis, serta latihan komunikasi yang bersifat non-violence baik ke dalam diri sendiri maupun kepada orang lain.

What the project is not
  • A training to become an oracle for other people (as it needs further responsibilities and specific ethical standards to be met).

  • About fortune telling or demand an absolution.

  • About you giving away your power to choose and decide.

  • About expecting others to understand your needs.

  • A project without diligent practice.

  • Always about Oracle cards.​

Testing Image Blue.jpeg
The step-by-step to join The Karmarati Oracle Project with Thelma

In step one, contact Thelma (email about your interest, either to have a workshop on clearing space, clearing your mind and sight (in Ajna Chakra), or managing your emotions. Both parties will discuss about which project you will need the most at the moment.


In step two, Thelma will share more details about contents and procedures.


In step three, you would need to gather one or two other people with like-minds or same interests/needs to create your private small group. Alternatively, you can be on your own and have the project as a private one-on-one; however, the fee is flat for either one individual or a private group with a maximum of 3 participants.


In step four, you will need to fill in a questionnaire for Thelma to set a common ground for the group and to set the “First Oracle Point” for you. At a further moment in the project, Thelma will discuss the possibilities to grow and to progress.


Step five is for us to agree on the time schedule and settle the payment charged.


Step six is an opportunity to set up further lesson plans for the next project.

Thelma Answers The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why is it called a “project”?

A: A project is an activity that requires a specific plan or scheme--in this case, the activity relates to self-growth, self-transformation and self-connection. When I say project, that means we shall do it together rather than just me teaching a class. Much like any other project, becoming wise and understanding about our own steps will need time to progress. So the entire project will encompass growth in the group or in the individual, and is expected to continue within a period of time as we revisit and re-evaluate our progress. A small and intimate group will balance the intensity of the subject discussed in the workshop. We will utilize the advantages of working with collective energy.


Q: Why is it called “Oracle Project”? Do I need to have an oracle card deck? Will I be able to tell the future?

A: By definition, “Oracle” means a person who is giving wise decision or opinion. We are all hoping to become someone who understands about our own life dynamics, emotional, and energetical patterns and who is able to translate them all into decisions that lead to life success, well-being, and clarity. Within any of the Oracle Projects, the mission is to help participants in becoming closer and closer to that confidence. Of course, it will take a process of ups and downs. This is not an invitation for you to become a fortune teller or a psychic (although that would be an unexpected bonus, if it is meant to be so). Instead, this is a practice of clear intuition. More and more, we will develop confidence and trust in our insights that will lead you toward healthy decision making.

Oracle and/or Tarot decks as well as some visual aids will only be used for Oracle and Ajna Clearing Project.


Q: You asked in the questionnaire about “what are my specific issues” that makes me interested in participating in this project. Why do I have to share my specific issues? Can it just be a regular workshop about information sharing?

A: This project is about YOU working on the alternatives to solve your emotional and energetical issues. Therefore, we will need a starting point: a problem or an issue to begin with. We will work around it using the tools and knowledge that will be provided during the project. You will receive homework and home practices (individual or in group) that will deepen your experience in solving your issues. It is possible to have a regular workshop where I teach and share the knowledge, but there may not be any significant embodied progress, except “just knowledge.” In the end, this will be decided by the group and I will still be happy to facilitate.


Q: After a session of workshop, what is next?

A: As you will receive homework and home practice instructions, you will be able to observe your growth. If you are happy to process that for a long period of time, then I would suggest you to continue the home practice individually. You may contact me again when you are ready to explore more via a continuing project. But, if you want to create systematical progress, I would suggest you to have a workshop project regularly within a period of time. For example, once every six weeks within 3 months. And with all your embodied knowledge, you can “test” yourself to work on your daily issues by applying your knowledge. Whenever you need an advancement, you can contact me for a new project. As you grow, you will see how far you have stepped from your beginning point (or as I call it the “First Oracle Point” in you).


Q: How does the project and its knowledge apply in day to day life?

A: In each project, all practices will include suggestions for daily re-connection to your intuition. Step-by-step you will learn to trust your intuition and boundaries. Later, you will discover that your awareness will lead you to clarity in decision making and will open yourself up to new possibilities. Then life will show more of its colors to you!


Q: What if I am not comfortable to share my current issues with our small group?

A: I do not wish participants to explain their issues in detail as this is not a consultation program. I would like to maintain personal problems private for everyone’s comfort and trust. However, effective learning in workshop will happen when it is relevant. So, I would suggest participants to answer their issues efficiently without having to reveal too much to others; for example: “I am facing challenges in managing my financials,” or “I wish to clear myself from sabotaging habits and an unhealthy environment.” If that is still too personal, you can inquire to have a knowledge sharing workshop if the other members agree. Please note that a knowledge sharing session will only have generic information on the subject, no case studies, and no ability to seek for personal alternative solutions. The choice will be yours. The main objective in creating a small group is to have a support system for your learning and progress. Obviously, you will need to be comfortable with the friendship among yourselves. Alternatively, you can create a group of family members or just be on your own.


Q: Does a 90-minute workshop mean a dedicated time of 30 minutes for each of the three members?

A: No. You will all sit collectively in a workshop to discuss issues and their range of practices for solutions.

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