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Oracle, tarot and crystal readings can be intimidating to some people. People are sometimes anxious of the readings and may be worried that the information drawn from the entire reading is impervious to change.


I understand that the summary of a reading—especially when not so colorful—can be taken pessimistically. The information in a reading is actually not written in stone: there are definitely room for possibilities and adventures. The reading needs to be empowering and it needs to shed a light on the future steps to be taken by the client. I am intrigued to continuously provide creative readings to my clients as I believe that there exists light in every situation, no matter how dull or dark it may seem.



Here are some important information for you to learn about reading and mentoring with me.

Q: How do we do this long distance reading?


A: As a first step, you will need to send me an email to and clearly provide the following information (all information will be treated with care and confidence):


  • Your full name;

  • Your date of birth;

  • Your iCloud ID (for Facetime), or your Skype ID, or your phone number;

  • Your main issue(s) or concern(s) at the moment;

  • The colors that interest you or make you feel good at the moment; and

  • The color that you avoided or make you feel low and dull at the moment.

In the second step, I will respond to your email and provide you with options for the call schedule and the type of reading that you feel most comfortable with. You will also be informed about the fee structure. Payment needs to be received by bank transfer prior to the call session. All exchange of information and confirmation will only be done via email.


Q: What do you offer in your reading sessions?


A: The type of session will be eventually chosen by the client (e.g. oracle, tarot, or crystal reading) through our email correspondence. Reading is mostly me sharing the information about the visions and inspirations relevant to your current issues/problems. The longer session will include suggestions and recommendations for your practice and actions. Mentoring is the extension of a reading session that consists of a more intense nature with discussion, assessment, and evaluation. Further detail about mentoring can be found here.


The reading options are:


  1. Reading A: a 15-minute session. This is strictly a reading of the relevant elements in your recent problem(s). The client is suggested to utilize the information independently.

  2. Reading B: a 30-minute session. What is provided in Reading A plus practical suggestion and recommendation for your next step involving practice and decision making. This may require a series of awareness practices.


You may record the session anyway you like. I always suggest clients to take spontaneous notes on the important links and their own understanding or interpretation. Every minute is very important as the momentum unfolds.



Q: Do you offer direct communication if a Reading client has questions on his/her development or progress?


A: Unfortunately, no. I highly recommend clients to journal their processes (that can be further discussed in our next appointment/session) and to listen to their inner voice if they have doubts. As much as I respect and am enthusiastic to help my clients, I believe that both sides need to exercise a healthy boundary to practice own inner processes. When clients are experiencing doubts and confusion, instead of asking me in a casual message or email, I would suggest them to book a session where I can entirely be present and be focused to help them. I believe that this is supporting balance for both sides.



Q: Is there a limit to the subject that I can or cannot ask in a reading session?


A: There is no limit to the subject as long as the question is related to you and your role in the issue (i.e. “How can I support my spouse in matters relating to family financial issues?” instead of “Can you read about how my spouse is doing financially?”). I am bound by an ethical reading conduct that is focused on the person that is requesting the reading. It can go beyond that in terms of an expanding view of your roles, your connections, and your relationships with others, but not predicting or getting visions about how others act toward, think about and perceive you. The main focus will be you.


Q: How long or how far will a summary of a reading be relevant?


A: I view time as an interesting phenomenon. In my experience, the past, present, and future collide at the moment I do a reading. The relevance of the reading is usually relative to your effort in changing your present state by making a different decision from your usual ways. Once you decide to do something different, your path may change and you will face a different set of challenges and outcomes. Old habits and old patterns are mostly the main saboteurs in the journey of transformation. Usually, if we keep an unproductive old way of thinking to solve a problem, nothing major will appear as a result. A wise reader once said that a new reading is required when a karma has changed through a different decision. In the end, time will show that as much as the Universe is steering the course of your life, you too are holding your destiny in your hand.

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