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In Ubud

After 10 years of operating in Jakarta, Karmarati has now relocated to Bali. Thelma has brought her practice, teaching and skills to Ubud where Karmarati is beginning a new journey. Starting from November 2019, a “little studio” of Karmarati’s is taking in client appointments in the lovely area of Nyuh Kuning.


At the moment, in this temporary abode, Karmarati’s activities are limited to Reading, Learning, Mentoring, Projects, and Consultation. By year-end 2020, Karmarati Oracle House plans to officially operate its full-range of services when a new studio is completed. 


Here in Ubud, Thelma offers meet-up sessions and long-distance Skype sessions for Reading, Learning, Mentoring, and Consultation. The subjects discussed will comprise of (but not limited to) psychology-energy of the chakras, crystals, oracle, intuition, problem solving, empowerment, embodiment, and self-healing.


Thelma also provides ad-hoc workshops for individuals and small visitor groups in Bali, or longer-term projects and training for long-term residents of Bali. Contact Thelma for inquiries and appointments. 


All Skype and meet-up appointment sessions are available Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm, Bali time.

The followings are services and packages available in Ubud. (Please swipe right)
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